Don't Sleep: @WiseGuyCLE

Ok so this isn't really a 'new' project, but it's new to me. And since it's not mainstream, I'm sure it will be new to you all as well. 


About a week and a half ago, my homegirl Ka$h over at Petty-Kash.com dropped some heat in my email inbox. In a word, she described WiseGuy as "Incredible". Of all the people I know, Ka$h actually has a really good ear for music. She's suggested artists to me in the past and they have all been dope. For that reason, I knew I had to give this kid a listen. I was only 4 tracks into his 11 track EP titled Afraid of Heights, and to be honest, I was blown away a little bit. I couldn't believe somebody this young was spitting like this (I don't even think he's even old enough to get in the club). I couldn't quite put a finger on his sound at first, but I came to an agreement with Ka$h that dude is like a fusion between KiD CuDi and Kendrick Lamar. Like, if KiD CuDi was actually a lyricist, this is how he might sound. I'm not sure if WiseGuy was aiming for this sound or not, but if he's not that's even better because it means he still developing as an artist and will only improve, which is scary because of his age and how good he is already. Tracks to check for on here are 'NeededWant', 'HitMeNipsey', 'Razul', and 'EarnMyStripes'. If you like dope lyrics and sick production, download Afraid of Heights HERE


Below is a clip of 'HitMeNipsey'. In addition to the flow, the beat is so ill to me.


For more on WiseGuy, visit http://wiseguy.bandcamp.com/