Hodgie Street [Feat. Rashad] Kush

Brand new music from Ohio hip hop artist Hodgie Street feat Rashad. Hodgie, hailing from Columbus, OH by way of Lima, Oh has teamed up with friend and fellow Ohioan Rashad to bring his first single from his new mixtape "The Go In Part Deux" presented by DJ EV. "Kush" is the smokers theme song and is something the ladies can appreciate as well. You may remember Rashad from Stalleys ITM project or from his recently dropped album with clothing line  LRG, "Museum". Rashad is behing the melodic production and hook on this record which is sure to be a summer time smash. "The Go In Part Deux is slated to drop this July with features from Rashad, Jerreau of Fly.Union, The Kickdrums and more. Ohio has been putting out some great music as of late, and Hodgie seems to be one of the states emerging stars.

Take a listen on our player below...


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