Throwback Post Puff Daddy and the Family Tour


First I just want to say this, there is a reason why Diddy is my role model and that reason is because he does everything major, no baby steps for Puff.. I was talking to my OG Trav and DJ Durl about hip-hop and I was telling them about how Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes were the opening acts for Diddy back in the day but I forgot the tour name, but the next day it hit me, it was the "PUFF DADDY and the Family Tour". I had to see if I could find footage. i remember being a young buck watching clips from the tour on TV. Man this tour was a trillion times doper than I thought and this was back in 97'. Most shows today can't even match up with this tour, peep the line up; Ma$e, 112, Jay-Z, Nas, Foxy Brown, Lil kim, AZ, Junior mafia, The L.O.X., Busta Rhymes.. come on man, the only thing this tour was missing was Bigge (RIP)... watch as Diddy shows us how to stunt and dance with swag got dammit!