What's Beef: Common vs. Drake

I honestly didn't see this "beef" going as far as it has, but since it did, I figured I'd speak on it.

First of all, for those who don't know, this whole thing came about after Common released a song called 'Sweet' from his latest album The Dreamer, The Believer. In the song, he's basically addressing the current state of hip-hop and how singing is apparently the new cool. We all know that the hottest 'rapper' out right now is Drake. He might very well be the hottest singer out too. With this being said, the Internet went nuts with speculation about Common's track. Was it about Drake? Was he just speaking in general? People wanted answers. Not long after, the ambassador of singin' ass rappers himself stood up and made a statement at a show. He said something to the effect of "I may sing, but I'm not a b*tch. If you got somethin' to say to me, say it to my face". That Aubrey's pretty tough, huh? That led to Common basically saying "I was being general with what I said, but if the lambskin cardigan fits, let's go". Now, he didn't exactly say that, but you get my drift.


Aubrey Drake Wheelchair Jimmy Graham does NOT want any smoke with Common. Check Common's beef resume. We can go as far back to when Com dissed two of the West Coast's hardest rappers, Ice Cube and Mack 10, IN CALI and still came home untouched. Why? Because not even the West Coast could front on what Common had to say. Just to listen to 'The B*tch In Yoo' to see what I mean. Cube's rap career has never been the same since that record dropped. He also got Ja Rule (remember him? He was pretty much Drake before Drake) out of our faces at one point. It's pretty safe to say that despite the crochet hats and tight sweaters, Com will bake you if need be.

"But Chewy, have you heard Drake's verse on 'Stay Schemin'?"

I have. And while I'm not the biggest Drake fan, I'll admit, dude went in. HOWEVER, HE DIDN'T SAY THEM NAMES!!! My timeline and maybe even you, the reader, preach all day long about "@'em or Dap 'em". And I totally agree because I don't see any swag in two grown ass men subliminally dissing each other. I never have. Spare me with the "even the greats subliminally diss" garbage. I don't care if it's Jay-Z. Say a name! Since Drake failed to "@" Common, he should have "dapped" him right? And since he didn't do THAT, his diss should he voided. Aren't those the rules? Or do the rules not apply to Drake? With all that said, I had to stamp VOID on Drake's verse even though it was solid.

*listens to Common's 'Stay Schemin' response*

A huge part of me was hoping for the 'The Bitch In Yoo' Common to come out. That didn't EXACTLY happen, but just like Drake, Common went in. Not so much his delivery, but more so the content. WHAT was being said stood out more to ME than HOW he said it. I've listened to Common long enough to know that he likely threw that verse together in 5 minutes, but I still feel like it served as a warning that basically said "Drake, this can get real. Do you REALLY wanna do this?". But what's most important is that Common SAID THEM NAMES! And in my opinion, that alone gives him the upper hand right now.

"Chewy, is this 'beef' good for hip-hop?"

Honestly, I don't feel like a whole hell of a lot will be gained from this battle on either rapper's behalf. I mean Drake might get some shine and become known as the young dude who took out the OG. Common? He won't gain anything. He's established as hell. You don't see Kobe breaking a sweat over Derrick Rose or Lebron, because when it's all said and done, he's STILL going to the Hall of Fame no matter how his career ends. The only thing that I hope this "beef" does is bring real battle rapping back. We haven't really had that since 50 Cent. 50 went right at you. Nowadays these rappers take shots at each other, then try to dance around it when questioned about it. That's weak.

If you ask me...

Drake shoulda left this one alone. He was ahead until he jumped the gun by taking exception to Com's song, and it's very possible that that was Common's whole plan. Drizzy took the bait and is now in a position to get cooked unless, he pulls something crazy out of his bag. And I hope he does. For the sake of hip-hop. When the hottest 'rapper' in the game is a borderline R&B artist, it makes me question a lot of people's taste in hip-hop. But what do I know? Not a damn thing.


Below are the tracks that belong to each artist. Who do you think will come out with the dub?