Breaking Bad: Season 5

Quite frankly the best hour on television and up there with The Wire and the Sopranos in the holy trinity of television shows, Breaking Bad returns with it's 5th Season. 

Creator and Producer Vince Gilligan decided to break up the last season into two segments of 8 episodes so we'll have to wait till sometime in 2013 to wrap up the Walter White saga.

If you want to get into a show this is the one I'd recommend above all others including Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and others. I've been pretty vocal about how good this show has been on this site as you can clearly see here(Spoilers aside) & Season 4 took it to another level. http://www.kingsrowe.com/blog/news/breaking-bad-5-baddest-moments-so-far

AMC as they're known for have played it close to the vest with the promos but you get the sense that Season 5 is going to be darker, dirtier and more violent than the previous 4 seasons.