Game of Thrones: Beheadings, Bastards & Broken Things

If you've been following along this year you've noticed I'm a big 'Game of Thrones' nerd as is most of the country who has a pulse. HBO's fantasy epic is a mix between 'Lord of the Rings' meets 'Real Sex.' 

It's much more a political show than a mythical fantasy one. Except for the baby dragons and the super vast landscape. There were a couple moments in Season 1 that broke Twitter and had everyone saying, "WHAT THE F##K!!? Did they actually do that!?!"

I don't want to spoil the 'wtf moment' for you but here's how a couple of black dudes reacted to it last year.

Season 2 will offer even more 'wtf moments' as all the characters are fighting for their lives across Westeros as impending War is around the corner. I suggest you watch Season 1 to really be caught up with the storylines but here's a preview and a recap of everything that happened in Season 1 and will happen in Season 2. Spoilers included obviously.