New York Fashion Week: Occupy the 20%.

Well New York Fashion Week has finally ended and the good people from Jezebel.com have complied their annual research on how diverse the show is that year and good news for models of color. You've finally cracked the 20% percent.

@jennasauers had some very interesting thoughts on the subject.

 We do this because the fashion industry continues to have a vexed
relationship with race. Some magazines and designers treat skin color as
a kind of a fashion trend in itself. Anecdotal evidence and the
accounts of numerous models of color suggest that overt racism shows
itself in fashion in a way that it doesn't in other industries: because
it is acceptable to hire or not hire a model based entirely on her
physical appearance, it is also, apparently, acceptable to cancel a
model because you "already have" an Asian in the show, or to tell a model, "We're not doing black girls this season."

For more you should check out the extensive research at http://jezebel.com/5886159/new-york-fashion-week-is-the-most-diverse-in-...