The Return of Mad Men

Style is back. The 17 month wait is over. AMC's Mad Men makes it's return with a 2 hour season premiere this Sunday that reminds us all we all want to go back to a time where racism, sexism, drinking and smoking in the office were as routine as inhaling and exhaling. That and we're all suckers for some good ole fashioned television.

It's been Mad Men Week all over America this week with seemingly every blog, magazine, website trying to out do themselves with Mad Men coverage. Have you seen the latest Newsweek cover?

The people over at Newsweek/The Daily Beast asked all their advertisers to do special retro ads for this week's issue.

Somebody did scientific research on how long Don Draper will live. Considering that he has high blood pressure, drinks and smokes all day you'd be surprised to find out he'd live till 79. Unless his estranged ex-wife Betty Francis takes the shotgun to him like she did to her neighbor's pigeons in Season 1. 

The good folks at Jezebel.com even came out with a Mad Men themed cookbook. Holy s##t there's Trudy's Rib Eye in the pan dish. http://jezebel.com/mad-men/

There's even an interactive Mad Men game that was released this week and true to the show Roger Sterling had the best line. 

The show's creator Matt Weiner accidently let it slip that Season 5 starts off in the Summer of '66 so we're bound to see the show's take on the Civil Rights Movement. Something they've kind of shied away in the past.

If you haven't watched any of the previous seasons I'd suggest you try and catch up at your own pace or if you'd like to start off with Season 5 here's Vulture's timeline of what's happened up until now. http://www.vulture.com/2012/03/take-our-speedy-mad-men-refresher-course.html

Tune in to see if Sally Draper elopes with that creepy kid Glen. And if Peggy finally gets the respect she deserves. Does Pete Campbell finally get his surname in the lobby? Can we get Conrad Hilton back on the show? More Betty and automatic weapons please and OMG there's Joan Holloway. That's a whole lot of women. If that doesn't get you watching the show then I don't know what will.