Whitney Houston: Dollars and "Sense"

With the sudden death of pop diva and legend Whitney Houston came a ambush
of Twitter jokes, RIP Facebook status', and fans flooding social networks
outlets talking about the singer. With a million questions and speculation
surrounding her death, one question that always seems to surface eventually is
the financial status of a pop icon as her. 

It was not long before the issue came up, CBS News announced that Sony Music
executives have already scheduled meetings this week to decide how to market
the Whitney Houston catalog. Recently her nine albums and other recordings have
become big sellers again.

The past numbers are astonishing, she has sold over 200 Million albums and
singles, however before her death, magazines and media outlets claimed Whitney
was broke and asking for handouts.

This all seems false. After all, she did sign a $100 million record deal in

From looking at writers like Zack O’Malley Greenburg of the Forbes
magazines, who wrote that Houston made over a “quarter of a billion dollars on
recorded music alone” it is almost impossible that Houston could have died

Whitney Houston’s greatest hits album hit No. 1 on Amazon a day after her
death and her most famous song “I Will Always Love You” took the top iTunes
download spot.

Lets look at “I Will Always Love You”. Dolly Parton wrote the song in 1973
and has made a fortune off the song. In fact Houston’s estate is expected to
make over $10 Million this year, and if she had co-wrote and owned most of her
music her estate could have potentially done 10 times more. (The late Michael
Jackson did $170 Million this past year.)

Before her death, Houston did produce and star in the remake of the upcoming
film “Sparkle.” She recorded two songs for the film, which will now be her
final performances and a new source of revenue.

Long story short, we can never take any of this with us when we die. People
may never remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made
them feel.

Living the dream,


Yaves Luther King