The Wire: 10 years On

Yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of The Wire's premiere episode and even though no one was watching on June 2nd, 2002 (if someone says they were watching the first episode live, they're lying) it changed the way we view and judge other shows. For instance, no self respecting Wire fanatic could ever watch an episode of Law and Order and suspend their disbelief enough that they don't think to themselves, "Please Detective Stabler ain't no natural pooooo-leece. He doesn't even curse like a cop." 

Ever try watching The Wire now? Seems so eerie that David Simon captured a time before Facebook and Twitter or even before people knew how to text. Since the show has gone off the air in 2008 even more people have picked up the series and it's become apart of our pop culture database. Even the POTUS claims Omar, the sawed off shotty toting, gay urban Robin Hood as his favorite character. Couldn't you see President Obama in a trench walking the East Wing asking anybody who'd listen if they got some extra Honey Nut.

White people are doing their best to ruin the show like they ruined, 'Fo Shizzle" & "Jazz." Nowhere is this more clear than on the dating site Ok Cupid. It's not a place for people to meet other single people. It's a place where white bread people can boast about how much they love The Wire and how in touch they are because of it. 

Seriously try reading @OkcLovesTheWire and not die laughing. Here's a sample.

Even Nickelodeon's 'iCarly' have payed homage to The Wire's famous Michael/Snoop death scene. 

This post proves that any chance I have to talk about The Wire I'll take it. Without further adieu here are my five favorite scenes from 5 seasons of the Wire.

While most people point to the chess scene in the Pit as the best scene in Season 1, I always enjoyed D'Angelo taking Wallace and Poot to Business School: West Baltimore University.

Season 2 is much maligned probably because people weren't expecting David Simon to veer into the life of dock workers but aren't the Sobotka's the most relatable characters on the show? Everyday working men trying to stay afloat rings truer than calculating politicians and newspaper men.

"We use to build shit in this country" is still the most relevant quote in all 5 seasons but "You only do two days" bit is my favorite. I use it all the time in my daily life no matter if it's school, work or breaking up with a lady friend. 

Plus how dope was Avon walking through the baseball diamond like a gangsta ass Ty Cobb?

What The Wire did better than any other television show was the added releasim. While other Cop and Robber shows will be satisfied portraying the Cops inffalible and the Robbers as corrupt, The Wire realized there are good and bad with everyone. 

This is the scene where Carver comes of age and McNulty's banter with Bodie always cracks me up. In a different life you could totally see these three just holding court at some bar somwhere.

In the penultimate episode of the series Marlo Stanfield finally loses his cool and goes all John Proctor on Chris Partlow. "MY NAME IS MY NAME & I WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER IN MY LIFE!"

All this talking about The Wire makes me want to re-watch the series again. Shit, I know I got one more high in me.