Kobe + Lebron+ Debate = irrelevant

Aside from Kobe Bryant unveiling "The Big Stage Edition," finals version, of the the Nike Zoom Kobe, which in my opinion is IGHTTTTT, I saw something that made my argument that much more valid. Now before I start my brief rant, I am super Lebron bias but I know the reality of the situation. Lebron will be great, he is not now, but he will be. He has a lot of growing up and developing to do in his career thus far. But I still feel like Kobe is a bitch nigga but he is a champion and rings are the difference between champions and competitors. Great players get their team to be where they need to be and he does it....................But he's still a bitch nigga! Notice the difference between a champion and competitor. PLEASE WATCH BOTH VIDEOS after the break!!!!