Nike Women's 6.0

Nike Sportswear is the "cool" division of the brand; you know, the Quick-strike Airforce One's, Dunks, and 6.0- one half of the skateboard line (Nike SB being the other).  Of course all the fresh items are men's and it seems Nike is starting to get the hint that women are fans too; sheesh, all my Jordan's are a 5.5 in boys.  So it's no surprise they created Women's Sportswear, Jordan's, One's, and now 6.0.



Now I get the Blazer movement, but a dunk? Personally you'll never catch one creep into my closet, and do you wanna know why? Because they come out with these outrageous color-ways; like I want to wear a metallic, multicolored, patent-leather contraption and still feel like an adult that pays my own bills.  I digress...

Nike SB was created when XGames made its mark in society and when everyone was a skateboarder in the early 2000's; made to be an exclusive line and for literal skateboarding, only certain boutiques/stores had an SB account and sizes were limited.  6.0 was released to be more mainstream and easy to obtain, which worked for Nike; sales were what they thought they'd hoped and prices were what the consumer needed.  With Pharrell's IceCream label offering Boardflips, the Nike vs Reebok "fued" continued.

With that said, how well will the Women's 6.0 line do?  Like I said, the Blazers can be pretty dope.  Peep these:


I don't know about any Morgan's though.  I have IceCreams and they're a little fat, but Morgan's may be takin it to the max.  Dunks will still be offered, but still in colors that seem fit for a 15 year old.  They have another pair that resembles a boat shoe, but in sneaker form, naturally.  Nike says they wanted to create garments for the lifestyle line that women could wear from day to night.  Sure, I have a few Nike pieces you wouldn't know were Nike, but adding accessories to a hoodie for a dinner party? Naaaa.  Check out the other looks here - a downloadable catalogue is also available.  If you're feeling frisky, visit NikeSB- it's a pretty dope site.

~ Courtney Michelle