Oh S(explicit deleted)! Yall done f(explicit deleted)ed up now!...


I JUST got of the phone with one of the creative minds of the Kreg and Dez show. If you aint heard, its titled "No Bullsh*t Radio", and we just finalized maybe one of the greatest mergers of our time. It's like when Google bought Youtube only better. Basically what I'm trying to say is... KINGSROWE is now HOME of No Bullsh*t Radio. Here is the first official episode that we're running, all the rest will follow starting next Tuesday on their page. You will find them on the main page under the "Kreg and Dez Show" button, or just look for the radio.  kregdez My ni**as keep it real. They touch on real issues. Meaning you might not want your kids to listen. Sometimes you may laugh, sometimes you might sit back and think "D@*m, thos ni**as really feel me"... but I GUARANTEE you will want to hear more... [audio=http://kngsrw.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/nov-16.mp3] DOWNLOAD