Big Things Poppin: DJ Krate Digga

Krate Digga

Who? DJ Krate Digga aka Krate aka Diggz Where? Columbus OH in home, International in aspiration. So What Do You Do?/ What Industry Are You in? By trade I am a DJ, a Turntablist, Web Radio Co Host, Percussionist & a Producer...I'm also an aspiring Songwriter, an all around Social & Music Personality. How Did You Get Into the Business? At age 7 I began performing with Tony West & The Imani Dancers as a West African Percussionist. While attending Kentucky State University, I began to learn how to Dj under the guidance of DJ Sicari. In 1997 I officially became a professional DJ & have been learning, growing, and spinning ever since. When Was the Moment You Knew Music/Entertainment Was What You Wanted to Do? I never had that "I wanna be xyz" epiphany. Music has always been a part of my life so much so that I notice when there's no music around versus when there is music. When I realized that I was really becoming a good DJ, that's when I saw it as a viable profession for me. What/Who is Your Biggest Inspiration? I'm a perfectionist that knows I can't be perfect, so I'm always pushing myself to "outdo" my last offering. I'm also an artist so I find inspiration in any & everything; from the mundane to the magnificent. I definitely find inspiration in my friends, other artists (musical & non-musical); art itself is a great inspiration. What Sets You Apart from Everyone Else? I'm very versatile both at & away from the tables. I can rock clubs and lounges, poetry readings & with a band. I can step away from the tables and host round table discussions about various topics across the social & political spectrum. I have a versatility and an open mindedness that allows me to be comfortable and confident in many different sectors of the business. Who Do You Feel is Your Biggest Competition? I think I'm my greatest competitor. I say that because there can only be one me. Ever. So I have to fight my lax side to produce when I'm not super inspired. I have to challenge myself to make the next work better than the last. As with anything else in life, no one can want anything for me more than I want it for myself. Progress only happens after one decides to move. Others can't move us for us. What Do You Ultimately See for Yourself in This Industry? Like… What is Your End Goal? I don't have an end goal. I have benchmarks (i.e. traveling the world spinning like Mick Boogie & J Rawls and others), but I'm sure every new experience will lead to new goals. Tell Us Something We Should Know About You…. I'm not as unapproachable as my reputation may hold. I have a stern persona, I've always been that way. I've never really been one to wear my mood or emotions on my sleeve (face). There's times when it's better not to try to converse (while I'm djing) but I'm not as evil as some put on. So What Do You Have Coming Up Next? What Should We Look Out for? I will be launching my first in store retail venture with Urban Spirits Coffee House in Columbus. The ONLY location as of now to purchase The Renaissance mix series. I may add other locations as time goes but I like that exclusivity of having a single retailer. The theme of the mix series and of the location fit so well together. The Brownstone Lounge will also feature 3 separate custom mixes in house. So those are only available for listening while in the new Brownstone Lounge. There's a lot more on deck but that's where we'll start. As always I'm also on the air on Wednesdays nights @ 10pm EST as a Co Host of BLAKstarTalk Web Radio show. You can listen in www.blogtalkradio.com/blakstar or go to www.blakstartalk.com for more info and past show pod casts. Get Up wit Krate Digga: www.web.mac.com/kratedigga www.myspace.com/kratedigga www.twitter.com/KrateDigga soundchampz@gmail.com

Founder of FLAWLESS, one of the most elite new brands in Central Ohio and a perfectionist.