Xtina's in the Know: 19 Year-Old Columbus Woman Killed by Aunt Easter Sunday

Another senseless tragedy has found its way to the blog sites and of all the places the murder could have taken place it was right in our backyard, our community.

A 19 year-old woman was gunned down by her own Aunt on Easter on Sunday. Why? The reason will make you say WTF?!

Click the break to find out the ignorant and miniscule reason for a young Columbus Woman's tragic and untimely death...

When a teenage cousin showed up at Evelyn Burgess’ house for Easter dinner wearing what Burgess considered a revealing outfit, the hostess was not going to let the issue go.

According to family members who were present, Burgess got mad when her husband took notice of the T-shirt and jean shorts that Danielle Pickens was wearing.

Burgess and Danielle Pickens fought before Pickens walked outside and got into a car in front of the Linden-area house.

Burgess followed, pointed a handgun at her 19-year-old second cousin and shot her in the head, according to police.

Burgess, 42, told police that Pickens showed up at her house in an outfit that “was inappropriate and disrespectful to wear at Easter dinner,” said Columbus homicide detective Steven Eppert.

He said Burgess told investigators “she didn’t mean to shoot” Pickens, who was wounded at 8:43 p.m. in front of 1666 Manchester Ave.

Pickens, who lived nearby on Pontiac Street, died at Riverside Methodist Hospital at 2 a.m. yesterday of a gunshot wound in the head, said Franklin County Coroner Jan Gorniak.

Burgess is charged with one count of murder. During her initial court appearance today, Franklin County Municipal Court Judge William Pollitt set bond at $500,000.

Eppert said a large number of family members and friends were at Burgess’ house during the confrontation and “quite a few were witnesses” to the shooting.

Yesterday, several family members gathered at Pickens’ house. Her cousin, Tico Pickens, 33, described Danielle as a “sweet, young, caring person.”

“And what happened to her should have never happened,” he said.

Side-bar: Take a look at the picture, above the deceased girls head are the numbers '666.' I wonder if that means she was marked for death way before this happened? Crazy isn't it?