Breezy- Checkin' 4 Me

Female MC's are often overlooked and that's primarily because there's no one female that can be consistent or interesting enough to let people know that the ladies are in the building. Lil Kim? Done. Foxy? Done. Trina? LMAO! Other than Nicki Minaj, there is no MAINSTREAM female emcee worth listenin' to. However, there ARE chicks who are bubblin' under the radar who will eventually be noticed if they keep grindin'. I believe this.


I was on Twitter yesterday when I stumbled across this track via retweet. I thought maybe she was gonna sing or somethin' but nah! 15 seconds in I was like "I mess wit it!" So I figured I'd share it with you all. She goes by Breezy and she reps Chicago. The joint is called 'Checkin' 4 Me' and basically she's just rappin' about bein' on some fly shit. And who can't relate to that? Check it out below and feel free to download it as well.


Breezy- Checkin' 4 Me: http://www.mediafire.com/?e0k213zyde46e2d


You can also follow her on Twitter at @AirBreezy88


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