The Craft Manual

The Craft Manual Overview

By definition, Craft; a confidence, a certainty that radiates vividly from your being.

Most are unfamiliar with the term or it's effects on the general population. Those of us under the influence of Craft are well aware of it's benefits. I've deliberated with my constituents and it has been decided to unhinge the flood gates and let Craft wash over our fellow brethren. This will be your manual. All steps covered in immaculate detail. No maneuver left out, no sheet set left unturned. Expect weekly installments of how to apply different areas of Craft to your lifestyle. But be warned, misappropriation of Craft has many side effects. Including but not limited to, check engine light struggle, getting curved head first to the pavement, and unsatisfactory payment arrangements.

Stroll with me as we walk down the avenue of prosperity where bills on auto pay and a full tank of gas meet. The Craft Manual is a unisex guide not to be used for evil or ill gain. Portions of this manual will become explicit in nature, so if you've never squared up over a game of spades then log off and seek calmer pastures.

Let us begin to cover the many areas that create the aura known as Craft...

Stance - Social perception along with many other contributing factors create your Stance. Stance is our starting point as it lends a foundation to not ending up in Icon on What Up Wednesdays in the midst of the Struggle. Improper Stance has many severe consequences such as, unfulfilled plans (getting curved), becoming a stepping stone to T-mobile cellphone payments, and/or forever 21 shopping sprees without so much as a hint to touching the box. Proper Stance will have shorty on an complete opposite coast in a long term relationship arranging boarding gates to obtain moments only unique to you.

Social Networth - Never underestimate the power of Twitter. Twitter is only twitter until it no longer isn't. Your timeline can be a battle ground or it could lead to your mentions and DMs flourishing with familiar strangers. Twitter leads to real life prosperity. If manipulated correctly you'll see tenders send you delicate LOLs and whisper sweet RTs to your mentions. Slip, and you'll see your account in complete disarray as humanity bombs on screenshots of your texts and DMs. You don't want to end up on that Summer Jam screen with your thirst displayed front and center.

Struggle - When your faults are illuminated, your knee deep in the struggle. Letting shorty watch as you put $20 of premium in the whip is a trademark of the struggle. This section will highlight how to overcome such defects.

Chi - The All Mighty Vibe will makes up your Chi. How your spouse feels around you is oh so important, like a relationship credit score. Proper Chi will have him paying your half of the rent, while improper Chi will have her scooting off in the sunset after a night in the Arena District.

Diction - Communication is paramount to anything you're trying to achieve. Not only in social situations but also in the real world. Get through to her in the appropriate fashion and your inbox will be illuminated with a bountiful address text.

Vision - You have to see the curve coming. I'll illustrate how to analyze the angles. You'll know whether to smash or pass. You'll know if they're just out for a cosigner or to truly help you build.

Craft - Final step to become a triple double threat Craftathlete. Where we combine all the metrics and teach you how to apply Craft with the fury of a 100 men. We here at Kingsrowe only want to see you doing nothing but prosper. Tune in every Tuesday as we show you the Craft and all the glory that comes with it. But always remember, if she sends unsolicited pic messages followed by a voicemail, the box is parked in the living room.

Sincerely - @SincerelyRW

Homage Paid to the Founders of Craft: @Resolutionary_ & @LiymAveli