A History of the National Anthem at Sporting Events

Watching Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night, I realized how awesome the Canadian National Anthem is. I lived there for a majority of my life but I must've forgot. That's what the artic cold does to you.

I also realized how cool it is that Singer lets the Canadian crowd carry the National Anthem with him. This led me to create a collection of some of the more memorable renditions of the National Anthem. Whether it's "O'Canada" or the, "Star Spangled Banner."

Beyonce sings in front of her hometown croud at the height of her sex appeal in an all white suit. I'm saluting more than just the flag. In me pants.

Why did anyone book Roseanne in the first place?

So you mess up the words, run to the dressing room only to come back and fall on your ass. Literally.

All around good guy, Maurice Cheeks, helps out the struggling 13 year old find the right words and encourages the crowd to join in. You think he shoulda told Russell Westbrook to pass more to Kevin Durant during the Western Conference Finals?

Even the annoying Vuvezela's wasn't enough to damper this moment.

SPOILER ALERT: He didn't make up for it. At all.

After the Montreal Canadian's crowd boo'd the, "Star Spangled Banner", the Bruin fans sang"O, Canada" in unison. Take that mothercanuckers!

Only Marvin Gaye could do that. With his Carrera Sunglasses on indoors and his Italian suit, he made the National Anthem baby making music.

Peep the guy at the :50 second mark going ape s**t! Only in Canada! (Don King's voice)

Greatest Super Bowl Ever. Greatest Vocalist Ever. Greatest Rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" ever. This was on the eve of the Gulf War conflict and in between a famous drug binge with Bobby Brown. Okay I made that last part up.