Capture The Moment? Nah, Chill.

Remember when it was complicated as hell to produce a screenshot? I mean, like, you had to hit the 'PRNT SCRN' button on your computer's keyboard, paste the image into your 'Paint' program, name the file and then save it to your hard drive. Seems like a lot right? It kind of is.

That was in the past though...

If you have an iPhone (and at this point, we all do. Even @DionteSays. But not Ronnie Mo. Lol), then your device has this unique ability to capture whatever image is on the screen. All you have to do is simultaneously press the home & lock screen buttons and WHAM! That tweet, that picture, that text convo, or whatever else is saved to your photo gallery to be viewed and or forwarded.

Sounds convenient huh?

It is. It actually serves its purpose when used correctly. Last week AT&T messed up my bill. What did I do? I took a screenshot of their error, sent it to them, and just like that they knocked money off my bill. I've also used my screenshot function to do things like copy notes for school or send people literature. Bottom line: screenshots can serve a good purpose or two.

But you know what's lame?

The misuse and abuse of this function! I'm not entirely sure what Steve Jobs and the people at Apple were thinking when they made it possible for the iPhone to perform this task, but I'm almost sure they didn't huddle up like "Yo! The next time somebody says something to me via text, I'm going to screenshot it then put it all over Twitter and Instagram so people can clown them! This is brilliant!". I could be wrong though.

 I could also be wrong about the fact that since people are now using screenshots as a weapon, the communication game is all messed up. Trying to have a convo via text is the worst at times. You can't even genuinely chop it up with a person anymore because A) They're afraid that whatever they say might be screen-capped and used against them or B) Some lame is sitting there with his/her fingers planted on the 'Home' & 'Lock Screen' buttons and can't wait to "expose" you. It's almost like talking to a person and the line is tapped.

Here's an idea!

Grow up! I mean, I'll be honest. In the past I've done some exposing of my own. And I'm talking way worse than text messages. Looking back, I was super lame and immature. I know that because what I see NOW is super lame and immature. Nobody should have to converse on eggshells just because they're scared the convo might get leaked. Text convos are the new nude pic and we can thank the lames for that.


Don't let a screenshot stand in the way of your jumpshot. That's it. That's all.


*Boomsheeka is a completely fictional character by the way.