New York City Cherry Popped

I finally made it to "The Big Apple", the "Conrete Jungle", New York City.  This trip was very long overdue but it was worth the wait.  

While in New York I... *Deep breath*

-Walked 1,000,000 miles

-Smelled urine on every street corner

-Spent way too much money

-Visited BBC, Bape, Flight Club, DQM, Supreme, Adidas, The Hundreds, A.P.C., Camper, and more

-Met a internet BFF

-Saw a man that looked like Bobby Brown mixed with the hunchback of Notre Dame

-Had the Spanish mommies choosin'

-Flagged down 50 people to find jumper cables when our car battery died at the ferry lot

-Almost got ran over by a semi on the highway

-Had a delicious, fat, juicy, burger

-Bought a couple pairs of shoes

-Fell asleep driving about 3 times on the way

-Had a great breakfast prepared for me before I left

-Had fun.