Shoes, Fits & Foods

Alright, alright, alright. Let's start with my shoes. These are some of my favorite Vault Vans. The Vans Vault Spectator "Aloha Brother" edition Vans are a super clean suede and leather shoe that goes good with a lot of different clothing styles. My fit was like a casual/laid back mixture. The shoes and shorts can be dressed up or dressed down, it just depends on the shirt that you add with them. I hadn't wore my Stussy shorts in over a year. I almost forgot I had them. The navy blue BBC shirt is pretty basic yet stuntable, just the way I like it. Oh! And you know Danes Dessert Cafe' came through for me on the late night dessert tip. I got some type of cookie dough ice cream brownie chunk whip cream sundae. It got the job done!

Instagram: Mrkingjd