DROPS: @DJCoreyGrand - Somethin' To Fu*k With: Episode 1

Corey Grand wanted to drop a monthly mix, which he has dubbed as ‘Somethin' to Fu*k With’, that reflects his ever-changing mood.  This series can be interpreted as a break to the norm, as he strives to do so on a daily basis.  His knowledge of post-modern sounds alongside with his passion of true hip-hop compliments the Corey Grand persona.



The result is the first episode of "Somethin' To Fu*k With," using artists Flying Lotus, The Weeknd, MF Doom, Little Dragon along with mixes put together by artists Glitch Mob, Chi Duly, and Good Life Mike.  Between these mentioned, other notable tracks complete what Corey Grand hopes everyone can fu*k with.



Check out Somethin' To Fu*k With HERE