DON'T SLEEP: @Phantods

I've been searching high and low for a dope band to add to my iPod, and who would have believed that I had to search no further than right here in Columbus, Ohio. Enter Phantods. Phantods is a local band consisting of members Keenan, Kyle, Daniel, Alex, and Gretchen, who is the lead singer (five members are usually pictured and listed but I've only seen four at the shows I've attended). I first caught wind of this band a few months ago at a music showcase hosted by a local radio station. I can remember being slightly upset because I came to the showcase so late and only caught the tail-end of their set. At the time I didn't even know their name. All I remember was saying "Damn! Who was that? They were dope! I wish I had caught more of their set". Well, I got a shot at redemption this past weekend as they were one of the bands featured at the Park Street Music Festival. Not only did I learn their name, but I also got a chance to see them rock out an entire set and I was nothing less than impressed. When listening to Phantods, it's not hard to be reminded of bands like No Doubt and more recently, Paramore. Those are two of my favorite bands and that could play a huge role in why I like Phantods so much. They actually perform a great deal in the city and the majority of the material that you'll hear at one of their shows comes from their latest album Creature. This is a great band with a great sound so check them out when you can.


For more info on Phantods, including tour dates and where to buy music, visit Phantods.com or follow them on Twitter at @Phantods. Check out the video to their song 'Creature' below.