Theophilus London: Tour De Roses 2012


 Theophilus London kicked off his North America tour Wednesday night. Just so happen the very first show was in my hometown! Sooooo, I traveled back home to Cleveland Heights with two of my friends to see the awesome Theophilus London live in concert for the very first time! Music? DOPE! Energy? GREAT! It's really too bad his show isn't stopping here in Columbus, but I say catch it as close as you can because Theo did an awesome, awesome, awesome job.

Theophilus dropped his new single, "Last Night" (LVRS ANTHEM) to celebrate the opening of his tour, and it happens to be a favorite of mine already. If you've never heard of Theophilus?!....Shame on you! But now you get to experience some great stuff....

(To Listen/Download "Last Night (LVRS ANTHEM) click here, and watch the video clip I shot of the of him performing "Last Night (LVRS ANTHEM) below!


(I took the photos durring the show, and after on my iPod :D. Check out his next tour dates as well! - Click the expand button the photos will appear larger.)