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Chicago based, Columbus bred crooner @NanaBCool just released his second single off RM102 yesterday and the visuals from director @ThaMegaBoi matches the smooth sound of the track. Can't figure out what I like more; the backdrop of everybody's favorite borough Brooklyn, New York or the leading lady in the video. 

We've featured @NanaBCool on the site regularly but if you'd like to find out more from one of Ohio's rising artists check out deydreamin.com


In Pursuit: @NanaBCool's 2nd single off RM 102

New Left Media made the trek to Defiance, Ohio this week and brought thier camera around to detail why Romney supporters are supporting Romney. Pretty scary or funny depending on your sick twisted sense of humor. 

To be fair the American electorate is wofeully ignorant and this type of stuff goes on both sides. Remember the Obama phone lady in Cleveland?

Romney Supporters In Ohio Are Really Dumb


So this Brooklyn girl Angie Atkinson prepared for Hurricane Sandy by writing a really nice song about sex and incremental weather and whatnot. Will anybody in the New York area help this girl get laid?

HURRICANE SANDY 2012: Girls Just Want To Get Laid During Hurricane Sandy

News broke yesterday that a top tier Californian High School discovered a 6 year long High School Fantasy Slut League. You gotta give credit where credit's due but I wish I thought of something like this when I was a High Schooler many moons ago. 

High School Boys Busted On Fantasy Slut League & Probably Get Laid More In The Process

Guess the New York Times thought they have enough journalistic cache to try something like this. Listen to their collob with the Gregory Brothers as they auto tune the 3rd Presidential debate. 

The horses and bayonets burn sounds even better in auto tune and who knew CBS News Bob Schieffer was such an avid Hennessy drinker?


The New York Times Goes Viral And Autotunes The News

It's been a week but Brad Pitt's Chanel advertisment is still the best 30 seconds on the interwebs. My luck. My fate. My fortune. Was Pitt talking about the 7 million Chanel payed him to do this spot?

Give it a watch and add the string of word vomit to your daily lexicon. Inevitable. 

Brad Pitt's Chanel Ad Is Still Fascinating


What do you get when you have a rogue unemployed college student, Fox and Friends and cheap beer in your system? TROLLOLOLOLOLOL! Troll in question Max Reid starts off with mistaking Gretchen Carlson for Miss USA when she was Miss America then lets her know she's Miss Universe in his books. 

It was only until Reid said he met President Obama in the 3rd grade that Rhodes Scholar Gretchen Scholar realized she was being fooled. Score another one for Fox News. 

Fox & Friends Gets Trolled