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Get to Know with @NanaBCool: Listen To His Latest Song 'Crazy Baby'

Anyone catch President Obama on Jimmy Fallon last night? He jammed with Fallon and the some cool black dudes and sang the news. OH YEAHHHH!

Who knows what happens on November 4 but you can pretty much guarantee President Obama is going to win the #COOLVOTE in a landslide over stiff Brooks and Brothers mannequin Mitt Romney.

President Obama Really Wants The 'Cool Vote'


The climax of yesterday's 2nd leg of the UEFA Semis also doubled as Gary Neville climaxed in his pants. Live on the air.

Despite all odds with 10 men Chelsea defeated Barcelona who've been called the greatest side in footballing history. Best part about it was the mecurial Fernando Torres who's been the butt of all jokes for the past 18 months scores on his home land to secure the win. The 50 Million Dollar Goal!

Gary Neville Blows His Load Live On Air!


Move over Katniss Everdeen it looks like Steve Harvey's book adaptation of 'Think Like a Man' has wrestled Box Office supremecy over 'Hunger Games' who held it for over a month. 'Red Tails' another predominatly black cast failed to make a blimp on the Box Office but they failed to realize that black people love horrible romantic comedies more than horrible war movies. TAKE THAT MR. HITLER!

Prospective Guide to Hating 'Think Like a Man'


NHL Playoffs Means Fights, Fights, Fights!

While Instagram dropped on Android causing every iPhone user to bitch about the lack of exclusivity of the app (Hey iPhone people if a billion people have the same phone as you it's not exclusive) Google dropped their scariest project yet. 

Earlier this week Google unveiled their latest project, 'Google Glasses.' It's another clever ploy for Google to pry into your everyday life and simultaneously suck the nutrients out of your irises.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

Project Glass: Googling Your Eyes Out!


Tough questions are being asked tonight in Heaven as Mike Wallace, the famed news reporter most famously known for his role on '60 Minutes' died today. Considered one of the greatest reporters of all time. He was famed for his 'ambush interview techniques' which he said walked a "fine line between sadism and intellecutal curiosity."

Mike Wallace Dead At 93