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I've never seen a man die on National Television until NBC found Patriots Owner Robert Kraft died a slow one as the Patriots lost to the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI.

Did you guys hear Robert Kraft lost his wife 6 months ago and the Patriots were dedicating their season to her memory? It's not like she wasn't alive for 3 of the Super Bowls they won. 

A more empathatic person would've felt heartbroken for the Billionaire Owner but I think I had too much salsa last night. 

Sad. Robert Kraft Is Sad


Don't you hate the two or three people that show up at your Super Bowl party who are there just to make cutting edge comments about the ads? While we are biting our nails because of the game they're logged onto GoDaddy.com to see the unrated version of Danica Patrick and the naughty side of domain hosting. I hate those people.

Best of the Best: Super Bowl Commercials

It's SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! THE BIGGEST DAY OF THE YEAR for sports fans, gamblers, marketing execs, grocery stores and people who have a pulse. I am so excited I'm trying to hide a hard on. I'm talking about 6.5 inches of AMERICAN BLUE STEEL dammit! Don't get to close folks this dude is veiny and he's hissing mad! 

Super Bowl XLVI: Tostitos Dip, Budweiser Ads & Predictions!

Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer: The Game's the Game!


Kristen Bell was on Ellen this week to pimp some God awful new TV show she's on. She also recounted a funny story of her 31st birthday and how her boyfriend surprised her with setting up a jungle gym for a local Sloth. 

Watch to see the footage of her breakdown after she realizes she'll be getting some QT with a real live sloth. +2 for Ellen for trolling her at the end of the video. 

Kristen Bell Really Likes Sloths.


Watch Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane morph into Superman and Clark Kent at the same damn time. 

Then watch him embarrass St. Louis Blues Goalie Brian Elliot with some creativity. 

Gotta try this on NHL 2012. Toggle R2 and L2 for exploding puck slapshot.

Patrick Kane is Superman

The Internet and society as a whole might've reached it's zenith yesterday when Murk Avenue from murkavenue.tumblr.com decided he had to figure out the exact day that Ice Cube was rapping about 20 years ago when he penned the classic, "Today was a Good Day."

The day in question was January 20th, 1992. *SMOKING GUN*

Here's how he figured it out. 


Ice Cube's 'Good Day' was January 20th, 1992