Two of my favorite things

G shocks and Jordans, two of my favorite things that people are starting to make me not like because it seems like everyone is wearing them.. However some new dope ish from both of them this $120 G-Shock is from the Rescue concept 7900, u can find it on the casio website.

Anyways, the 25th Anniversary Jordans are coming out soon, First we have the Air Jordan Retro High's in Silver and Grey for $140 they are pretty dope.  due to release on 02/13/2010

Then the Air Jordan II Retro silver and white for $135 due out on 02/26/2010 you should be able to purchase them at your local Foot locker if your local Foot locker is in a urban area...

Her life goal is simple; to one day be able to eat flaming hot Cheetos without getting heart burn.. fin.