Solecial Club Episode 4 : Janae Collick aka @kickgamecrazy

  In past episodes, I've always been challenged with condensing information, keeping the info in them short and sweet and getting to the point. With that said, this is my first effort at it but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, in efforts to clean up my act, I decided to start out with someone who is near and dear to me. I was given the opportunity to watch this young lady mature from a young girl whose life revolved around AAU basketball, to a well balanced young woman. You may know her as @kickgamecrazy on Twitter and Instagram, but to me this is Ms. Janae Collick. When I listen to her talk about her love for sneakers and how she feels, I also can sense that she has knowledge and understanding of the culture. Now anyone can be a consumer and just buy anything but with years of buying, you begin to understand what goes into the makings of some of these products and the athletes that give these shoes the character and nicknames that come with them. Janae called me and Rich up and invited us over. We got to catch up with her and Mama Collick on how she's adjusting back home on Summer break from school out of town and just general conversation that's not in the footage. This is my girl. She won't only kill you fashion-wise and sneaker-wise, she can kill you in a dress as well. Ladies and gentlemen I bring to you Ms. Janae Collick.