Solecial Club : Chatting with King JD

Before i begin this next segment of what we at kingsrowe like to call the "solecial club". I wanna start out saying if your an avid sneaker collector, just know that your blessed. You are blessed in every essence of the word. For you to be able to continuously make purchase after purchase on shoes at a one hundred dollar minimum, know that god can take that all  away just as fast as he blessed you with it (no disrespect to any other religions out there.)

With all that being said from here on out yours truly Kingsrowe's own sneaker aficionado @whoisjaewood will being taking you to explore the random closets of sneaker heads around the city of Columbus, Ohio. One thing about a sneaker collector is there is always going to be more than what meets the eye. You can point and make assumptions, but you never know what someone has until you go and see what someone has. That idividual may just stick to their guns and wear a few of their favorite kicks and have a horde of shoes in their closet like Mr @dezarnez.

  I had the pleasure of meeting Mr James " King JD " Drakeford at his apartment to check out his collection and he really caught me off guard. First of all I'm thinkin hell yeah i know he's about to just start breakin shit out! NOOOO ! I said I wanted to get some good pics so pull out your collection so we can see what you have. He litterally pulled out about 3 maybe 4 pairs of shoes and im thinkin this just may be the most conservative dude I have ever met, damn ! I was wrong, the more he began to open up ( pause ) the more he started to break out HEAT; consistent HEAT! 

"I really started buying shoes like crazy when I started making my own money. I worked on the weekends my junior/senior year in High school and I basically spent all that money on shoes." He broke out some OG cherry 12's DEAD STOCK, a pair of OG royal blue foamposites, a crispy pair of undefeated edition all red vans, and I stumbled across a pair of metallic silver air force one foamposites which look way more amazing in person by the way. He had quite a collection to the point where it wasnt so much about the quantity but more about the actual quality and rareness of some of the sneaks he had under his belt.

"My first major shoe purchase was the MF Dooms Nike SB's which I paid $250 for. I really don't do anything too crazy for a pair of shoes lol. I'm a sensible guy. I'll do things like not spend money AT AL,L eat and drive minimally, no hair cut maybe." Im sure some of us can relate to some unnatural things to get the necessary funds at one point or another which is a huge aspect of the sneaker game itself. The funny thing about sneaker collectors are that you may not have a single thing in common but if all your conversation is consistently about sneakers, trust me, in between release dates talk will go further than you think. James is definately by far one the the most calm collected responsible sneaker heads I've ever gotten a chance to meet. It's like he wants those big releases just like the next addict but is one million times cooler than the average collector. " Sneaker collecting is very addicting , but its like I only do what I can if I have money, then I'll buy shoes........if I don't then I wont. So as long as I have money to buy shoes and still live, I'll continue to buy shoes." See, I'm not sure if you guys are following me ( @whoisjaewood ) but fuck that, I'll have shoes on eBay if I have to so I can meet that release date LOL.

At 21 I can tell you first hand this Dayton, Ohio native has a nice size variety of different type of kicks. His sense of

selection is shifty, but ranges from air max nike ID's to a range of different flavored vans. At the moment He claims that he is slowly

starting to vent out his collection of Jordans all in size 10. I'm sure if you made an offer he couldn't refuse, he just may consider

making a deal. So follow him on twitter @thekingjd and try your luck.