Basketball Never Stops

Okay the #NBALockout is starting to get depressing. The World Series just ended, the English Premier League plays all it's games on the weekend like College Football and the NFL and I still can't find any NHL games on TV. 

There's only so much MAC Football games I can take. 

Tuesday was supposed to be the first game of the NBA Season but because the Player's Association and the Owners are still litigating, back biting and playing politics we have nothing to look forward to. 

We haven't even had a Republican Debate to watch recently. Herman Cain over everything. 

I've been forced to watch the same Nike, Jordan, Adidas ads over and over waiting for it to all end. This must be how Jack Torrance felt in the Overlook Hotel(Obligatory Pop Culture reference).

When you're desperate enough to get any satisfication from a shoe ad you know you need help. Here are some of my favorite thus far.

Nike filmed this ad the same place they filmed the first two Batmans. From Coach K to the King to Kevin Durant to American Hero Dirk Nowitzki this commericial brings out the big names even though J Cole's presence leaves you asking yourself, "Why is J Cole there?"

Wouldn't you have liked to see LeBron v Dirk though?

Jordan's Love The Game Ad features Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Family Feud star Chris Paul. Seriously Chris Paul went on the Family Feud with his family and stunk up the joint. We need the NBA back. 

This has to be the best commercial of the season seeing the stars in 3 backdrops in their city. Carmelo playing no defense against some Hasidic jews was especially apt all leading up to all three playing in Beijing.

Noticed how China is like featured in every Nike ad now?


Yo I get it. I get things. Derrick Rose plays for the Bulls so he's trying to evade the matador while sidestepping some Celtic and Magic fan midgets on horseback and then rose petals magically appear from the sky. To top it off D-Rose flashes the Herman Cain creepy smile at the end.

Good concept Adidas.