The Legend of Linsanity

The Taiwanese Tebow. The Yellow Mamba. All he does is Lin, Lin, Lin! The Jeremy Lin meme's don't seem to stop and he broke Twitter after he went off on the Lakers on Friday night.

The hysteria surrounding Lin is getting so crazy Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire have been relegated to sidekick status. What a turn of events. 

The dude went to Harvard, sleeps on Landry Field's couch and is stopped by MSG security because they think he's one of the trainers. I would've went with statisticians myself. The last time we seen anything crazy like this was Tebow Mania that flamed out about 4 weeks ago. Timothy was so last month.


Talk about Mr. Popularity. Lin is that new kid that moved to school halfway through second semester with the Candy Jag and Military styled boots.

Here's Fox Sport's Jason Whitlock making a fool of himself again. 

Here's a Knick fan giving fair warning to Carmelo Anthony that he's the new Wally Pip.