Mario Balotelli Owner of Euro 2012

Why always me? Hours after setting his bathroom on fire due to a firecracker mishap the enigmatic Italian striker scored two goals against hated rivals Manchester United and then lifting up his jersey to give us a gilmpse into his psyche. Why always me?

Why always me is the new all eyes on me and the world's eyes will be transfixed on the skinny black kid who wears the #9 for the Azzuri. During a one month tournament that has been highlited by a spectacular group stage, rioting and persistent racism the 21 year old Balotelli a lightning rod since he's become a professional at the age of 14 has been the undeniable symbol. He's been out played by guys like Andres Iniesta, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil and his club mate Andrea Pirlo but no one has given us moments like Super Mario. 

Everything from stopping mid run on an open break v Spain in the opening match to netting a back to the goal volley v Ireland and celebrating with a potty mouth tirade to not participating in pushups in training to his countless meme generated interviews(calling himself Peter Pan) to scoring a PK against his teammate Joe Hart to scoring two wonder strikes one with his head and one with his right foot v Germany he's been bossing the past month.

There's still a level of unpredictability when Italy and Spain meet today in the Finals. He's just as likely to get sent off for a red card as he's liable to score another scorcher. For a sport that can be kind of tedious to casual viewers isn't Balotelli why we watch sports? The kind of enigma that is known for visiting a female's prison during his off days because he was curious as much as he's known for world shaking goals. He's one of the few athletes that can break Twitter for something he's done away from the arena as he's done on it. 

At any rate if Balotelli manages to be instrumental in an Italian win today v the Euro and World Cup Champions Spain you know why your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram feeds are down. and we'll all be living in a post racial, post Balotelli world. Why always him?