SPORTS WITH FONZ: Chad Ochocinco Lands A Deal With The Miami Dolphins

Chad Ochocinco landed a deal with the Miami Dolphins for 1 year. After a terrible season in New England, Chad moves on and heads back home to Miami where it all started for him. We all know that Chad Ochocinco loves the spotlight and maybe he didn't get enough in New England. That could be the reason for a unproductive seaon. We all know that Chad has some gas left In his tank. After no injuries last year and hardly playing, there's no reason for him not to put up numbers this season. Is the move to Miami good for Chad, seeing that he loves the spotlight and the Dolphins will be featured on this year's HBO series Hard Knocks? Hopefully Chad can take the focus off being on camera and focus on being at the top of his game. 




The Fonz