SPORTS WITH FONZ: The College Football Playoffs


all the talking and going back and forth about a college football playoff
system, the playoffs are finally here. So, say goodbye to the BCS system. No
more teams such as Auburn (12-0, 3rd) or Cincinnati and TCU (who were both 12-0 third and forth ranked) being robbed and going off of a point system. It will
be as it is in basketball; one will play four and two will play three. The four highest ranked teams will have a chance. Also, games will be
played on New Year’s Day. It'll be called "January Joy" this will be
the Semifinals. The championship game will be played seven days later. Also
the one and two teams will play at their home stadiums in the Semifinals, while the championship games will be played in a bowl that'll be rotated between the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange and Cotton. The Final Four teams will be decided by
twelve men whom they'll decide on the BCS formula, revised one or selection
committee. It'll be interesting to see how this systems works in football. I'm
sure it’s a lot easier, but it’ll take some getting used to. So get your brackets ready! 



The Fonz