SPORTS WITH FONZ: Deion Sanders VS. Michael Irvin

With the NFL season almost here, I'm sure football fans like myself can't wait, seeing that all the boring sports are on and now we're just waiting for the Olympic games. However, I thought I'd blog about an interesting match-up with two of the best to play the game of football. Deion Sanders, the best shut down cornerback to ever play the game. 2 time defensive player of the year, 8 time Pro-Bowler, and 2 time Super Bowl champ. Micheal Irvin, the best to play opposite of Deion and have had hella  battles against each other. Irvin is a 5 time pro-bowl selection and 3 time Super Bowl champ. Also both players are in the Hall Of Fame.  These two matching up is interesting to me because they ended up on the same team and won a championship together, and battled it out in practice. Irvin said In a interview "Some of my best match-ups with Deion were in practice". But they also played against each other in college, Deion playing for Florida State and Micheal at Miami. It's interesting to see the two have heated battles in college and then for it to carry over to the NFL, but then come together and win the ultimate goal, a Super Bowl and remain great friends after football. Even though Deion went on to play with the Redskins and Ravens and started out with two different teams before coming to Dallas, he's still a Dallas Cowboy and so is Micheal Irvin; for life!!!

Notice in the video that Troy doesn't really throw Deion's way. LOL!!



The Fonz

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