SPORTS WITH FONZ: How NFL Players Spend Their Millions

As spectators of the game of football, we wonder at times what do these players spend their millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars on, because when we see these players on TV or in person they have on the most expensive clothes or drive the most lavish cars. Often some of these players end up broke after a few years. So what do these players value after making their dreams come true and earning all of this money? With the contract and signing bonuses these players receive it's easy to get lost in the habit of blowing money; then most of the players get endorsements and it makes it easier for them to spend or blow money. With the money they receive most become content because they're not used to having these millions and being able to take care of a friend or family member. Being able to have this friend/family member live with no worries about paying bills could make anyone happy. Just the fact of helping someone.  So with the millions being made, they have their dream come true as well as a being blessed enough to help others. But some get lost in the fact that they need to manage their money and invest it and that you can't help everyone. 

I believe in going out and buying a house and car for someone and then investing the rest of the money. Because life after football can be hard for those who didn't do the right thing with their money. Terrell Owens is a prime example of what happens to players in sports, whether it's NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. After the money is spent on houses, clothes, cars, and having these long party nights, the bills aren't gone pay themselves.  We can think about how we can spend a million, but when you have about 10 people in your pocket, those millions start to burn away.



The Fonz