SPORTS WITH FONZ: Jared Sullinger's Future In The NBA

The NBA Draft is here Thursday, June 28th and the question is; will Jared Sullinger be a lottery pick?  With a question like that of course he will. Why wouldn't he? He was the man behind Ohio State's success and their leading scorer with 17.8 points a game.  But once you turn on the TV and look on the internet he's went from a round 1, pick 7 to being maybe in the late teens.  Also talks of his back problem aren't seeming to help when it comes to the nayssayers. Some say he'll get drafted, then you have some saying he'll be another Ohio State player overseas. Really?  I don't think so. I like the kid's game. He's a good player and can use some improvement like anyone else, once you're going into the NBA with the elite, but with his size and once he adds some muscle and strength, he'll be better than any big man that OSU has had in the last few years.  B.J. Mullins, Greg Oden, sad to say, but since being in the NBA they haven't done anything but collect a check. Once Jared gets drafted he'll show up and show out.  I think he can turn out to be a crafty big man in the post.  Workouts seem to be going well. He has worked out for New Orleans (for its No. 10 pick), Portland (for No. 11), Golden State (for No. 7, though the Warriors also have No. 30) and Toronto (No. 8) and Monday's workout with the Pistons. 



The Fonz