SPORTS WITH FONZ: Mike Miles Is A 9 Year-Old Beast!

When you think of most 9 year old kids, the first thing that comes to mind is playful, clumsy, and messy. The word "Phenom" shouldn't be a characteristic of a child at 9 years of age. However, today anything is possible. So in this case I bring to your attention 9 year old Mike Miles from from Atlanta, Georgia. He's a skilled kid with a unusual eye and mind for the game. When I first saw the video I couldn't believe it. The patience and vision the kid has is crazy. Most kids at this age are just learning the basics of the game. Some can't even play the game. But Miles is definitely ahead of his time at his age.  He even has the euro-step down; CRAZY!!! This goes to show as a parent or a coach, if you start with a kid a young age and continue on with him/her, it's beyond a limit to what they can do. 



The Fonz