SPORTS WITH FONZ: The NBA Playoffs Are Here!

After a short season of 66 games, the 2012 NBA Playoffs are finally here. Get out your apparel and get ready to cheer on your team. This year's playoff battle should be a interesting one seeing that it was a short season. With this being a short season, you have a lot more players that are healthy and who will be more durable during the race to the top. However, with this being shorter due to the lockout, as soon as the regular season ends, they immediately go into the playoffs, beginning this Saturday. Out of the East it's obvious who'll come out. My Chicago Bulls and The Miami Heat. Not too worried about the New York Knicks (Sorry Dez) and I'm definitely not losing sleep over The 76ers.
It'll be interesting to see what's going to happen in the West. The Oklahoma City Thunder are balling and have a young team, but I have my money on the San Antonio Spurs; yes I'm counting the L.A. Lakers out. Who do you think will take It all?


The Fonz