SPORTS WITH FONZ: Paul Williams Paralyzed Due To Motorcycle Accident

In sports, it's always good to keep your ear to the street about the next talent coming up. However, in boxing when you hear that you can't believe It, because there is a lack of talent in the sport. Not too many people stand out like they use to, mostly when it comes to the heavyweights.  Once upon a time you could name hundreds of good boxers; You had people like Diego Corrales, Pernell Whitaker, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, George Foreman, Winky Wright, Riddick Bowe, Chris Byrd and the list can go on. But once you see talent and know talent, you like to watch and see that person succeed. So when it comes to stories like this, I really feel for that person and his family. Paul Williams was a middleweight boxer and former champion; a really talented boxer who has won a few tough fights. He's fought Winky Wright and Antonio Margarito winning both fights. Well Sunday Williams' (age 30) boxing career ended when he got into a motorcycle accident and severed his spinal cord after falling on his back and head when he was thrown from his motorcycle Sunday morning in Marietta, Ga. Comments from his manager say that he is in good spirits.

"From the waist down, he has absolutely no movement. He's in very good spirits, though," George Peterson told The Associated Press from his home in Aiken, S.C. "He still believes he's going to fight again." 



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