SPORTS WITH FONZ: Ted Ginn vs. Chris Gamble: Who's The Better Athlete?

As a resident of Columbus, Ohio I love my Buckeyes (No Sandusky). I am a true fan. 7 National Championships and 7 Heisman winners. Also Archie Griffin being from Columbus and being the winner of the award twice. How can you not be a fan?  But, I'm not here to talk about that. I wanted to discuss two of my personal favorite athletes to wear an Ohio State uniform; coincidentally, they both wore the number 7; Ted Ginn and Chris Gamble. There's no question that both players were amazing athletes at Ohio State during their seperate times there. Both played a major role in the success of the defense, offense and special teams, which make up all three phases of football. But my question to the readers would be, who's the better athlete between the two? 

To some it'll be a no brainer that Chris Gamble was, seeing that he played all three phases of the game. Gamble earned 1st Team All-Big Ten honors, and 3rd Team All-America honors for cornerback. It's no question that he was a game changer for the Bucks. Solid shut down cornerback that could run with the best wideouts. Also, he could line up as a wideout and go up and get the ball. On special teams he was even deadly and could break a long one out for a touchdown. He never put up big numbers as a wide receiver, but did enough to get the job done. I guess it's hard to stand out at one postion when you do it all. 65 tackles (51 solos) seven interceptions and 21 pass deflections. He also caught 40 passes for 609 yards (15.2 avg.), rushed six times for 68 yards (11.3 avg.) with a touchdown, returned 60 punts for 467 yards (7.8 avg.) and had 18 kickoff returns for 384 yards (21.3 avg.) 

Then you have some that will argue that Ted Ginn is a better athlete because of the numerous kick/punt returns he has, and at wide receiver Ginn was all speed and could fly past anyone. When It came to special teams, he was the one guy you better not kick the ball to. Even rushing the ball Ginn knew how to pick holes and take it the distance.  Put him anywhere on the field and he'd hurt you.  125 receptions for 1,943 yards and 15 touchdowns in 37 games. He also rushed for 213 yards, returned 38 kickoffs for 1,012 yards, and gained 900 yards on 64 punt returns, the second highest total in Ohio State history. Overall, he gained 4,068 total yards and scored 26 touchdowns.

However you look at it, both of these guys were great at what they did. You can go off touchdowns to compare and see who's the best between them or you can go off of who did more.  But maybe there were different circumstances in why Gamble played both ways. We needed a corner and didn't have one; Gamble's able to play.  Short at wide receiver Gamble is there to fill in again. He's what they needed at the time because they lacked players.  Ginn on the other hand didn't have to play defense because they didn't need the help there. It was offense and special teams where Ginn was needed.  Nevertheless, both put up some great numbers for Ohio State and showed people and players to come that that's how football should be played.  If you have to play both sides of the ball or special teams too, make the best of it and stand out as they did. 



The Fonz