STATE OF THE 'ROWE: Charge It To The Game

I started to rant about this the other day on Twitter, but then I thought to myself, "You know what? This would make for a good post". So here we are. I was watching the news the other day when they aired a segment on electric cars and how as more people begin to buy them, more electric car charging stations would go up around the city. So far I've only seen two here in the city. One was located in the parking garage of Easton, which is one of our malls here, and the other is located downtown (pictured). Electric cars could change the game for better or worse if they were to become more popular among consumers.

Manufacturers such as Nissan (Leaf), Chevrolet (Volt), and the upcoming BMW i3 all currently have electric cars on the market, as well as other companies across the world. Having an electric car has many dope upsides to it. One thing would be gas and the money you'd save on it per year. Right now, the national average gas prices round out at about $3.65 a gallon. With an electric car, you can pay as little as $2.75 a gallon, which would definitely be easier on your pockets. You can also drive pretty far too. I saw where one gallon of gas could drive you 118 miles. ONE GALLON. 118 miles. That's insane to me. Imagine all the places you could go on just one fill up. Economically, electric cars would be a good move for us all.

However, imagine if the popularity of electric cars did take off and younger people started to get them. As far as the above mentioned is concerned, we'd be good, but I think more than anything, we'd experience the downsides of having an electric car more than anything. For instance; young people love to travel. We'll just hop in our cars and go somewhere and won't think twice. Although some electric cars can go as far as 118 miles on a gallon of gas, most are simply not designed to travel extremely long distances. So yea, you might go that 118 miles, but then you might have to stop and recharge the whip and that can be inconvenient if there isn't a charging station in sight. Electric cars are also more expensive and cannot be bought as 'used'. Lastly, just like with any electric or electronic device, your battery will eventually have difficulty holding a full charge and will ultimately have to be replaced, but unlike buying an iPod charger, this will be far more painful on your pockets.

Ok enough education about electric cars. Let's talk about how they can change the game socially.

Imagine this: you finally see that chick out who you've been plotting on forever. You get her number, you two text back and forth for a while, then she's like "Come over". You hop in the whip to go see her, make it two blocks from your driveway and your car goes dead. Why? Because you forgot to charge it before you left. Or imagine a high-speed police chase in an electric car. Wouldn't it suck to get caught because, of all reasons, your car died? Electric cars would give all the 'ain't shit' dudes a new reason to not be shit. I can see it now. His girl calls him like "Where were you last night?!?" then he's like "I can explain. What had happened was...". He tells her he couldn't make it because his car was dead. The same way people pretend that their phone died. Hilarious.

Will electric cars become the new cell phones? Who knows? But don't be surprised if you see four cars stationed at one charger like "Let me use that when you done, fam". Speaking of chargers, that's me in the pic standing next to an electric car charging station in downtown Columbus.