State Of The 'Rowe: FreeDUMB

I won't lie. Since becoming a host on the Kreg and Dez Show (which airs every Thursday night on www.dpsradio.com), my State of the 'Rowe game has been a little weak. Not because I had Writer's Block or anything, but more so because the topics I'd usually write about, I'd end up discussing on the show. But right now you can say SOTR is back.


Freedom (free-duhm):

1. personal liberty, as opposed to imprisonment or slavery
2. exemption from external control
3. political or national independence
4. exemption from the presence of something unpleasant (usually fol. by from)
5. ease of movement, action, or social interaction
6. rights and privileges, as of citizenship; civil libert

 7. right to use something

One thing I have NEVER understood is how a person call say "Free (insert name here)!", KNOWING that person is dead wrong. I've asked about it, and the answers I got were "he's a good dude" or sometimes, in the case of a celebrity, people will be such fans that they're almost in denial about what allegedly happened. Then you have your street lawyers who just "know" the accused is innocent.


I don't care about none of that. I sat back and watched as people became last minute Twitter activists during the Troy Davis ordeal. He was put to death recently for the murder of a police officer. Did he do it? Who really knows? Did he deserve the fate he was handed? Maybe. But the one thing people overlooked the ENTIRE time was the fact that he had a violent history. From pistol whipping, to shooting a person in the face (with the same bullets used in the officer's death). God bless the dead, but Troy Davis was no saint. Maybe they were wrong. Maybe he DIDN'T deserve to be put to death. But he definitely didn't deserve to be on those streets either.

"He's a good dude..."

The people with this mentality HAVE to chill. Like @DionteSays said, "just because they were good to YOU, doesn't mean they're good people". I know a lot of "good dudes", but they made some foul decisions in life. So foul that they'll probably never see the streets again. Am I on Twitter protesting their imprisonment? Did I break out the airbrushed "Free Young Murda" (not a real person, by the way) t-shirt? Not at all. Why? Because they were wrong. They know it. I know it. God knows it. You can't fight that. All I'm saying is being a good dude doesn't make you exempt from the law. The judge is never gonna say "Even though you killed somebody and sold drugs, we're gonna let you go free because you go to Church every Sunday". I promise.

"Free Boosie!" (or whatever other dumb rapper that gets locked up)...

Yea I know. He's your favorite rapper/singer/DJ or whatever, but WHO CARES! I seen it happen with Lil Wayne, seen it happen with T.I. (who was recently released. Hope he stays out this time), Gucci Mane, and more currently with Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie who is serving time for murder charges. But for what? Are you really THAT much of a fan of this artist that you can't accept that they broke the law? When Chris Brown beat up Rihanna you had people saying things like "she deserved it" or "he didn't beat her up", as if it was impossible. As big of a star as this person may be, they're still human. They still make mistakes just like the rest of us. Therefore they should pay... just like the rest of us, and not with their bank accounts. T.I. is one of my favorite artists, but he was looking at 30 years in prison and in my opinion he should've had to serve every day of it, because if it was you or me, we would have to.

At the end of the day...

Freedom. Free-duhm. Free-DUMB. FREE yourselves of the DUMB mentality that just because you hold a certain degree of loyalty to a person that you're supposed to deny the truth. Whether it's friends, family, or celebrities, wrong is wrong no matter who does it. If you really wanna be loyal encourage these people to do what's right so you don't have to rally for them to be free.

I'm Out.