STATE OF THE 'ROWE: In My Opinion...


Opinions. We all have them. Me, you, everyone. Some of us are more opinionated than others (take me for example). Some of us didn't become opinionated until the emergence of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter & blog pages. Or maybe they did, but just never had the right platform to express themselves. All in all, opinions are dope and to an extent necessary. It gives people their own voice and can also tell a little bit about them. However, I've been slightly annoyed lately because nowadays it seems like people rarely know the difference between opinionated statements and factual ones. We're pretty much at a point where people try to pass off their opinions as facts and make it like it's set in stone or it's law. If not that, then people are trying to crucify you for having an opinion that differs from the apparent consensus. The plan is to touch on all that and more in today's State of The 'Rowe address.


What exactly is an opinion anyway? Well according to Webster, an opinion is a view or judgment made about something without fact or knowledge. Sounds about right to me. A lot of times though, people seem to confuse the aforementioned with 'facts', which are statements that can't be disputed. For instance, there was a debate on Twitter last week about who was better between rappers Lil Wayne and Pusha T. In the midst of everything, someone made a comment that stated "Pusha T can't f*ck with nobody on the YMCMB roster. #Fact". All I could do was scratch my head. Not only because it was clear that person didn't really listen to music, but also because they said "fact". If you think Lil Twist and Lil Bow Wow can out rap Pusha T, that's fine. I don't, but if those artists speak to you in a way that Pusha T doesn't, then more power to you. Only does it become lame when the statement is made as if it was ripped from the pages of the bible. Maybe, it's just me, but I never understood that. Like the definition says; if you're making a statement without real facts or knowledge, then it's solely an opinion, which you are entitled to, and nothing more.


You know what else is wack? It's SUPER wack when people try to debate you about YOUR opinion. One day I tweeted that I didn't really care for peanut butter M&M's and like 30 people (no exaggeration) hopped in my mentions saying everything from "that's blasphemy" to "you're retarded". Damn! Word? Because I don't like peanut butter M&M's? Hilarious. Look man, you can't debate a person about what THEY like or don't like. Everything isn't for everyone; flat out. I've almost reached the point where I'll report people for spam who try to debate me about what I like. Yea, it's that bad. If the general consensus agrees with something, then people feel like you have to agree on it too. If you don't, you're a "hater" or "you just wanna be opposite and go against everything". Unless you really know a person and what they stand for, you can't tell them what looks good on them. It's stupid to try. If it looks good on you, cool, but don't try to force it on someone else and then bash them when you're unsuccessful. Just because something is good or successful, doesn't mean it's appealing to everyone. 


At the end of the day...


We have to learn to let people rock. Especially when we have all these sheep out here who only like and do stuff because it was forced onto them. Some people are lost. I've witnessed it with my own eyes. They'll remain neutral on something until they see who picks a side out of the people around them. If everybody is for it, so are they. If they're against it, same thing. It's almost as though their scared to pick their own lane out of fear of being the oddball. That's wack to me but oh well. Bottom line; like what you like and do what you do for your own reasons and let others do the same without judgment. If you don't have your own voice, don't knock a person who does. And that's my opinion on opinions.