State Of The 'Rowe: No Homo Though

I been meaning to write this for a while, but like I always do, I kinda figured I'd wait until the issue died down a bit. What issue, you ask? The whole gay marriage thing, and pretty much the gay phenomenon as a whole.

As we all may know by now, President Obama has recently supported gay marriage. This would now make it legal for two people of the same sex to unite in holy matrimony. A few weeks ago, I briefly spoke my piece on this via the airwaves on Kingsrowe Radio, but allow me to go further into the discussion with this post.

What do I think?

Although there are some who are in an uproar over  this, I personally don't see anything wrong with gay marriage. If Joe and John or Pam and Patricia want to live in wedded bliss, than more power to them. Who am I to say that it's not right? Sure, people are pulling the religion card, but what's funny about that is the fact that people only seem to do that when it's convenient. Not saying it's cool, but how many things have you done in life that are against common religious, morals? Exactly. We all have. You can't be out here breaking nearly all of the Ten Commandments yourself, but then judging the next people for living. In addition to all this, I don't care about gay marriage because I have a life of my own. I'm at war with Sallie Mae as well as other things, so I can genuinely care less as long as people are happy.

Another thing I wanted to address is that fact that I've noticed a lot of homophobia these days. I mean, it's always been present in our society, but based on my observation, it's a little more present than normal. For instance; take phrases like "Pause" and "No homo". For those that don't know, people say the aforementioned after accidentally saying something that may sound homosexual. Example: "You're going to deep with it. Pause". These phrases have become so widely used that we can't even say stuff in everyday convo that we used to be able to. This whole thing dates back to the popular Dipset movement headed by rapper Cam'ron. I can remember when I saw YouTube videos of dudes in New York eating Nutty Buddies and spitting out the peanuts while screaming "No Homo!". This stuff is taken pretty seriously as you can see. However I do believe there is a such thing as going overboard when it comes to this. Remember when I said people say "No homo" or "pause" when ACCIDENTALLY saying something that appears homosexual? Well I can't help but feel some kind of way when I see how much the phrases float around on social networks daily. If you send a tweet that might sound a little... strange... you have the ability to change it, right? Right. But if you don't and hit 'send' anyway, then what does that say? Interesting.

At the end of the day...

We live in a gay ass world. And I say that with the utmost respect for the gay community. We have to learn that this is something that's here to stay and will only grow as time passes. It's ok to be cool with someone who's gay, even though you're not. I have gay friends and it's all good as long as they respect my sexuality and don't cross any lines. I feel like the most homophobic people out there are the ones who aren't all that secure with themselves. If you can't walk into a gay bar to get a drink (because you want one and there's no other bar nearby) and still come out straight, then you might want to do some soul searching. When someone is too homophobic, it gives me the impression that they are gayer than the gays they fear. Just live and let live. There's way too much drama in the world already. So let's just focus on ourselves and make sure that WE are living right.