State Of The 'Rowe: Trust Me On This One

I feel like as humans, we are naturally a skeptical being. While some of us are gullible and naive, most of us are highly skeptical when it comes to damn near everything. We have to see it to believe it, more often than not. One's word is just not good enough for us. That brings me to the subject of trust and that's what this week's installment of State of the 'Rowe will focus on. 

A person on the street asks you for money to get something to eat. Do you give them the money because you genuinely believe in their misfortune? Or do you keep it moving and say you don't have it because deep down you feel like you might be getting scammed? Believe it or not, based or my observation and experience, most people will choose the latter. Even I have been guilty of such. I'm a generous person, but I've watched shows like '20/20' and have seen where people will dress up like they're homeless, stand outside for hours on end collecting money, then at the end of the day, they hop in a 2012 Lexus and drive home. Things like that are why I can't give strange people money directly. If I get asked for money to get food, I'll just buy the food for that person. It's my way of calling their bluff. If they genuinely are in need of a meal, they'll be okay with that way of doing things. If not, tell them to get lost. 
Trust issues are also very prevalent in the average relationship today. One bad experience can totally change the outlook on any potential future ones. For instance, two people have been together, one cheats on the other and for as long as it takes, the cheatee is scarred because of what the cheater did. Therefore, the next guy/girl they meet is already guilty and most likely won't be given a fair shot. I've been that guy plenty of times. It's definitely a wack spot to be in. Trust in relationships is a crazy thing. Period. You can't be with that person 24/7 to know all their whereabouts and what they're doing. As people we find it difficult to hold people to their word especially if they haven't given us proof that we should. However, for the sake of not damaging what we have, a common ground has to be met. 
At the end of the day...
People tell you who they are. People show you as well. I'm a believer in the whole 'Benefit of the Doubt' thing. For the most part anyway. There are so many people with trust issues because so many people feel like everyone is out to get them. They feel like everyone has ill intentions. Now try this: ask one of those "I don't trust anybody" people if THEY can be trusted. I bet $100 they'll say "I'm not like that. I can be trusted". My problem with that is, if YOU can be trusted and have good intentions, why can't another person? In conclusion I'm just sayin'. Since we on this 'YOLO' trip, do just that. Live. Worry about what you can control, and don't lose sleep over what you can't. Be who you say you are and allow others to do the same until they give you a reason not to. Don't block your blessings in life because you fear someone will do what 'The Last Person' did. It's better to play and lose, than to not play and find out you could've won. To me, anyway. I'm out.