"The opposite of failure:...

Well Kingsrowe fans and friends, you all know I try to put on for my STATE and bring you new talent, but this upcoming MC doesnt need my help. You can tell from her name that she's destined for nothing but greatness. So we bring to you 6S! Allow me to introduce myself my name is… 6S (pronounced "success" like the opposite of failure" I'm representing… Dreamlife Productions and the whole rebel music movement The reason that you are reading about me is… I'm pretty dope and you should probably get familiar! Right now I'm working on… 1) Promoting my single "Never Matching" 2) Finishing my album I am inspired by… LIFE! Only the dope stuff though... not the wack stuff. I can not live without… My Blackberry and my ipod. Everything else is disposable. I love…Cookies and sneakers. That would be a nice name for an album.... My favorite brands are…Hellz Bellz, Marc Jacobs, and Booji shoes (you're going to want a pair after you see them... trust me ladies) and of course Kingsrowe ALL DAY! Kingsrowe and 6S are: Taking over the world! You need to check for…My team. We're winning right now. I would love to give a PROPS to… the whole Dreamlife family, Hustle Simmons, all my fellow Buckeyes, and the beautiful people over at Kingsrowe.com Church. If you want to hear some work by 6S follow this link: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=1ba6979fa1706cfbd2db6fb9a8902bda OR 01 Never Matching (prod[1]. by DA).mp3 03 everybody knows me.mp3 (Big ups to pisforprops.com for the interview format)