Diddy does HSN

Get Ready... cause Diddy has a surprise for us all! Once again, the legendary business man will pull a trick out of his sleeve! Diddy will be taking over a new network (Scratch MTV, BET and VH1, this time he will conquer HSN. Yes, you heard me right, HOME SHOPPING NETWORK! On November 30th, Diddy will introduce his two fragrances, I AM KING (Men) and Unforgivable (Men and Women) to the new audience in pursuit of selling $400,000. "Hold on", we say... $400,000?! Selling Perfume/Cologne on TV?! How will the viewer know what it smells like?! Indeed it is tricky but I don't know, he may be able to pull it off... If he does, I am convinced that Mr. Sean 'Diddy' Combs is the BEST Business man with the most LOYAL fan-base! We shall see!