Inspiration behind the Sole Classics 5th anniversary Bespoke AF1

A few weeks ago Sole Classics released images of the 5th year annivesary Nike Bespoke Air Force One that was released. I must say, in person, this shoe is definately amazing with how simple the concept of the shoe is yet the detail and crafsmanship is second to none. Well, the craftsmanship better be good if its a one of one shoe by Nike.

Anyway, the more I surfed the net the more I noticed that a lot of sneaker blog sites were posting pics of this shoe (which we are all very appriciative of). Many false facts on the colorway and evolution of the shoe was starting to get out, but I saw nothing but positive embracement in reference to the overall shoe. What better time to find a camera and give light to actual facts and the reason behind it's creation.